Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Katy Perry Shatter Nail Polish

So I just recently purchased the OPI's black shatter nail polish from the Katy Perry line of nail polishes.
I purchased it from Ulta for $8.50 which is the same price for all other OPI nail polishes. I did not get any of the other Katy Perry nail polishes made to go under it (although i REALLY loved the color "teenage dream"), I figured I would save money by using ones that i already have. I put these three nail polishes underneath the black shatter nail polish..
China Glaze "For Audrey"

China Glaze "Pink Voltage (Neon)"

Sally Hanson-Don't know name

I think i purchased the two China Glaze colors from Sally's a while back for around 5 or 6 dollars. I got the Sally Hanson nail polish from Wal Mart (as you can see from the price tag haha) for $6.50.
This is how they turned out! I applied two coats of each base nail polish and let them dry completely. I then put a thick layer of the black shatter nail polish using long even strokes on my pointer, middle, and index fingers. On my pinky finger I put a thick coat of the black shatter going horizontal. It takes about 30 seconds to separate (shatter). I usually apply a shiny top coat after it is dry but I didn't in this picture. It makes it look a lot better
I think this is a very fun nail polish to wear. I have gotten many compliments on it from people at school and people I don't know! So if this look is worth the $8.50 to you then definitely get it!


  1. I love this nail polish iv seen the shatter nail polish on so many blogs! Your blog is definatly off to a gd start :)

    Come visit and follow mine :)

    Iv only just started to get the hang of blogging recently :)


  2. Thanks for the review :)
    Much love,


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