Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Foundation Review (That's a mouth full).

Hello Ladies! 
I wanted to share a review of a foundation that I have been wearing and loving every day for the past 4 or 5 months! I first heard of the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Foundation on Makeup By Tiffany D's countless videos of her raving over this product. During the fall I had been wearing the Make Up Forever Matte Velvet Plus foundation. But, I noticed that my skin was looking dull and dry as I was going into the winter months. I knew that I needed to try a new foundation that would give my face a little more moisture without being too greasy and oily. After hearing her talk about this mixed with a sale on Maybelline products at my local Rite Aid, I knew it was time to try it. 

Product Description 
For All Skin Types
Micro-Correcting Foundation
Instantly erases lines and creases
Skin looks lifted
The Secret?
Exclusive Micro-Corrector Applicator smoothes imperfections on skin's surface
Concentrated formula with Goji Berry tightens and improves skin elasticity. 
(It was in all caps on the label..haha)

This product contains a sunscreen with an SPF of 18 as well as Goji Berry and Collagen. For having a sunscreen in this product, I am amazed at how lightweight and sheer it feels on the skin. To me, it almost feels as if I am not wearing a foundation. I do tend to have acne prone skin and this has not broke me out at all since I have been wearing it. I love that it does not feel super thick and heavy. In regards to the erasing lines and creases and clinically proven effectiveness, I can't really answer this question since I do not have many lines and wrinkles yet. After the course of using this, however, I have noticed that my overall skin tone has improved. My skin tone has evened out and my skin texture is quite a bit softer than before I used this foundation. 

I would classify this foundation as a light/medium coverage foundation. When I use this, it evens out my skin and covers most of my blemishes. If I have some especially red pimples, they will not be covered fully and I will need to use a concealer. 

Yes, there is a pretty strong scent to this foundation. It smells like a mixture of sunscreen and moisturizer. Probably because it contains similar ingredients! If you do not like any type of smell to your makeup, you might not like the how this smells. 

This foundation is currently available in 12 shades.  Because I like my foundation a little tanner then my skin tone and I am self tanning, I chose the shade Medium 320 Honey. I was amazed that this is the 2nd darkest shade! So those ladies of darker skin tones might have a hard time finding a shade to match their skin tone at all. 

Here is a comparison of "Honey" to the only other two foundations that I currently own. I feel like this MUFE has a beige undertone while NARS has a yellow undertone. To me, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Honey has a mixture of the two. 

I wouldn't say that this is a super long wearing foundation. For me, I get about 6 to 8 good hours out of it without using a primer and makeup setting spray. 
If I do use my Urban Decay All Nighter Spray it lasts a whole lot longer. 

I consider the finish of this foundation as a satin finish. It is not completely matte, but not dewy either. I feel that this is why this foundation works for me so well. I do have combination/oily/acne prone skin and the most oily I have gotten wearing this is a slight bit of shine by the end of the day. I feel that for being a moisturizing and SPF foundation, it does a GREAT job at controlling oil.

This foundation comes with an applicator sponge built into the top of the product. In order to get the foundation out of the bottle, you twist the bottle until the foundation comes out of holes in the top applicator. (It takes a lot of twists to get the product out)

Like so..

I personally do not use this applicator to actually apply all of the foundation. I twist the container until the product that I want to use for the day comes out. I then dot the foundation using the applicator onto specific areas of my face where I want to put the foundation. I use my E.L.F powder brush to complete the application process by buffing into my skin.
For those who do want to use this to apply the foundation...On the label of this foundation they state that the applicator sponge is protected with anti-microbial system and does not need to be washed. It only needs to be wiped with a dry tissue. 

Overall, I am LOVING this foundation. As you can see I have the higher end brands like Make Up Forever and NARS and I prefer this foundation over the two for right now. Like I said, I have been using this foundation for around 4 1/2 months and I just purchased my second bottle. The price of this foundation varies depending on where you purchase it from $10 to $12.  Since this is a pretty inexpensive foundation, I would recommend anyone to try it out for themselves to see if you love it as much as I do!

What foundation have you been wearing lately?


  1. I tried the age rewind primer a couple of months back and it made my face CRAZY oily (like, embarrassingly oily, it was terrible) so I've been really hesitant to try anything else from this line. This looks like it has some promise though! I'm currently using Rimmel 25 hr foundation and I really like it.. full coverage and it's odorless and long lasting. I'm happy that I found a bargain brand that I like bc Dermablend was killing my wallet!

    1. Hmm.. that primer sounds a bit iffy. I have not used the primer of this, but I have used the concealer and it works great like the foundation! It is great when you are able to find a drug store foundation that works well with your skin. The high end foundations are nice, but when you keep running out of them it is just like another bill. haha

  2. Never tried this before. I tried Maybelline in the past but it broke me out. I have been using Estee Lauder Double Wear.

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    1. I hate when that happens. :( Something they put in their foundation must not work very well with your skin type.
      I have tried a sample of the Estee Lauder Double Wear. That is a great foundation!!

  3. Yay! A post from Dani :)

    I have this foundation, I use it when my face is dry because my skin is pretty combination.
    When its oily, I wear a matte foundation that is pretty full coverage. When my face is dry I wear this foundation with a full covering concealer.
    Its pretty good in coverage. But, right now I am loving my Smashbox High Definition foundation. Its awesome and it smells good like sunscreen :)


    1. I saw that you got this in one of your hauls! I have not tried the Smashbox one. Is it pretty expensive?
      I love the smell of sunscreen too!! Reminds me of summer :)

  4. I've been using Boots No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse in New Ivory. It can be tough finding colors to match my ghost-like skin. I love the texture, it feels so soft on your face!


  5. I liked your reviews and im gonna go try the foundation in your review..ive tried a few out there and this one looks said you were a self tanner..i am as well but have a hard time finding one that lasts more then a couple days!! Ive used almost all of them!! Wich do you suggest? :)


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