Thursday, March 29, 2012

How I Achieve Platinum Blonde Hair!

Hello everyone! I recieved a request from Jessy from Liner and Lashes for a tutorial on how I get my hair the white-ish blonde that it is. I have gotten a lot of compliments on my hair color and questions on if I get it done at the salon or how I do it myself. The answer is that I dye my hair myself. 

First I want to give you a brief history on my hair..
My hair color, when I was a child, used to be a light golden blonde. As I got older, it faded out into a dirty gray blonde (ew). The first time I "colored" my hair was in 6th grade when my mom bought one of those "Do it yourself highlighting kits" from the store and put blonde streaks through my hair. That was what started my blonde kick. After that I discovered "Sun-In" and I continued to use that to lighten my hair until I went to a hairdresser and was told that using Sun-in often would damage my hair. I continued going to salons asking for highlights, or malibu treatments, or just plain dye that would achieve a white, ashy, blonde hair color. I absolutely hate my hair when it comes out with a orange or golden tint. After paying $50 dollars each month for my hair and not seeing the results that I wanted, I decided to try dying my hair myself. I went to Sally's and pick up some bleach and toner and the combination turned out to be perfect! I can finally have my white platinum hair at half the cost of going to local salons! 

The process is quite easy but I want to let everyone know that trying to go this blonde can sometimes not turn out perfectly. If you do not get the process right for your hair, it will turn out orange. Bleaching your hair is also very damaging and drying. The results turn out much better on virgin hair, or the hair at your roots. I have tried this process on my grown out, previously dyed hair and it does not turn out the same way.
  I recommend doing a strand test before trying this process out on your whole head. 
I do NOT recommend this to anyone who has medium brown to black hair, or those with red hair. Your hair will most likely turn out orange. I also do not recommend this for those who have not dyed their own hair before or are unfamiliar with the process and mixing. If you do not dye your own hair, but still would like the same result, suggest this to your usual hairdresser. This is just what works for me, it is not right for everyone. 

All can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply.

I use just the standard mixing bowl and brush as well as gloves. 

The bleach that I use is Loreal's Quick Blue. This bleach is tinted to a light blue color which helps to eliminate yellow tones. This is sold in either packets or a big tub. The packets, which I buy, are around $3.

 With the bleach, I use a 30 volume developer. This volume helps to lift the hair color several levels lighter than my natural color. 
The toner that I use is Wella's T18 (or white lady as it used to be called). It is a purple colored toner which really is the key ingredient in eliminating yellow and orange tones after bleaching and achieving the bright white color. This is also used with the 30 volume developer. 

The Process
When dying my hair, I never overlap the color on previous colored hair. I also like to color my hair a day or two after shampooing because I feel that it helps when the natural oils in my hair are still present.

I first pour the developer into the mixing bowl. For on the scalp applications, you are supposed to mix 1.5 to 2.5 fl oz.s of developer with the bleach. I mix them together until there is a thick "cottage cheese like" consistency. 

I then apply the bleach using the Sally's brush to the roots of my hair. 
I leave this on my hair for usually 50 minutes. I do not use heat or wear a cap over my hair.

And here is how it looks like on.. haha

After the bleach has been on for about 50 minutes, I jump in the shower and wash my hair using shampoo.
I do not use conditioner.

Here is what my hair looks like just after washing out the bleach. 

It is now time for the toner
For the toner I mix it by 1 part toner to 2 parts of the developer

I then apply this to whatever area that I bleached and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.
This part can be kind of scary because the toner is straight purple. But I promise it does not turn your hair purple unless you leave it on a long time. haha

After the toner has had time to develop, I jump in the shower again to shampoo and condition my hair. 
The process is now done! 
Here is what my hair looks like right after washing the toner out. 

The Results!
Platinum Blonde Hair!

Keeping ash blonde hair from turning orange or golden can be difficult. I find this especially hard since the apartments that I live in now have rust in the water. :( 
To keep my hair on the whiter side I use Shimmer Light's Blonde and Silver Shampoo. This stuff is amazing! It is tinted purple (very purple) so it will cancel out any gold or orange tones. I wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week and use this half of the time. It really keeps my hair looking as bright and white as possible. 

Thank you so much for reading. If you have any further questions about how I dye my hair please let me know!


  1. Im a brunette and never thought about going blonde, but u made that look WAAAYY to easy :)

  2. you look gorgeous!!

  3. This was a great post and very interesting! Thanks for sharing how you color your hair! I have always thought your hair looks amazing! And yes, blue or purple shampoos are the key to keeping the orange/yellow out of your hair!

  4. beautiful hair color

  5. hi sweetie,

    I have just discovered ur blog. Your blog is adorable, and interesting. I'm enjoy read your post, too. Lovely blog!

    Wanna follow each other?

    Have a nice day!

  6. gasp. it looks AMAZING. so fabulous. thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest Rachel Zoe dress. xo

  7. So pretty! and you are so gorgeous!

  8. Yay. Glad you to see you posting more. I hope you are doing well. :) I haven't dyed my hair in years. I use to do the platinum blonde thing but finally gave up after my hair turned orange. :( Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Hey Dani :-)

    Thanks so much for posting this ;) I had quite the experience with bleach- I got to that golden/yellow stage and toned my hair with a boxed hair dye by Feria, and I achieved my white blonde hair that way =)

    I have the Wella T18 toner, but after reading reviews on the Sally's website, alot of people said it left thier hair lilac or grey =/ so I didnt use it (they must have left it past 30 minutes) I think when my roots come in, I'll just use the toner, and make sure not to exceed 15 minutes.

    I replied to your message on my last post- but I found the Palmers coconut oil at my local grocey store, it was in the hair care aisle- but it was near the products marketed towards women of color :) Its an amazing product, its helped my hair grow much faster, and it leaves your hair shiny and moisturised. You only need to use a teeny amount to.


    1. Sometimes if I accidentally get the toner on the blonde part of my hair that I didn't just bleach, it will turn it kind of purple (lol if that makes sense). But ya I do not leave it on that long and I keep checking my hair to make sure it's still white and doesn't cross over to purple/grey.
      Thank you! I will have to look for that next time I am at Wal Mart of Target. :)

    2. Hey your hair looks great!
      Ive had that problem ive bleached my hair its pretty bright and I use a toner don't leave the toner on long at all but it still seems kinda dull.

      My goal is a bright white color any suggestions??

  10. Very helpful, I love those tutorials as I would looooooove to go a white blonde like your color but I dye my hair dark brown ):

  11. I've always been too scared to dye my hair in case I didn't like it :P But I still found this post really interesting, you look so pretty :) Love your blog x

  12. OMG! Amazing<3
    I love ur blog, btw:D

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    Have a sparkling day!

  13. This is actually really helpful!! Thank you :D

  14. such a good tutorial! and now i want to be bleach blonde again haha! though it really is drying out the hair, but still.... and what a change it was for the hair just by using silver shampoo! I was so surprised!
    gosh... i want to dye my hair now.....//Azure

  15. hi sweetie..
    omg honey youre so cute and your hair is amazing. i love it! really. love this tutorial!
    lovely blog! im following you hun. mind to follow me back?

  16. i love your blog hun! i saw you over on life size barbies page and had to say hello!
    easily following you! ;)
    say hi sometime!

    1. yay :) Dani, i put your blog on in my 'favorite blog' section in hopes to bring you new followers :) <3

    2. Thank you!! I had put your blog in mine also a little bit ago but forgot to tell you. lol

  17. loved your tutorial i kind of want to go blonde this summer!

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  20. Is the colour on the bottom is that ash blonde?

    1. The color of my underneath hair?
      Lol I died the underneath of my hair "the darkest brown" a while ago and it faded to that color. :)

  21. All you have to do is set your mind on the task and work towards it with drive and passion.

  22. I just got my hair done blonde at a beauty salon in Miami FL about a month ago and I loved the way it turned out. Now I feel like it's faded and turning a little brassy, is there a way to just revamp the color and brighten it back up with out re-dying it?

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  24. Stacey yeah to brighten your hair back up just use toner with 20vol developer and use the purple shampoo. If your hair isnt too yellow skip the toner and just buy the shampoo and let it sit on your hair for a few min before rinsing.

  25. Hello Dani I love ur hair BTW supper cute (;
    So I achevied the plantium look its been a few months and its about that times for a touchup do u still recommend these steps my natural hair color is dark brown ?help plz asap my roots are supper dark

  26. @lauramurillo .. I do use the same steps for my roots.. My roots are like a dark blond/light brown and I use a 30 volume developer. You might want to try a 35 or 40 volume depending how dark your roots are. :)

  27. I have a question. My hair is currently dyed light blonde, but its not platinum. My roots need done, and Im wanting to go platinum blonde all over not just my roots. DO i apply this application you wrote about in this blog all over my head to get all my hair platinum blonde or do I dye my roots first then the rest of the blonde hair?

  28. Hi Dani! Love your hair!! I have a question, does the peroxide volume (10-20-30) make a difference on the toner? I would think since the hair has been bleached, You will just want to deposit the toner??

  29. @Olivia Gonzalez.. Thank you!! Are you asking about the developer level used with the toner? I'm not sure since I am not a professional. I have read somewhere that you should use a 10 volume developer with toner. However, I just use whatever I have on hand. I am not sure if it makes a difference. :)

  30. Hi Dani this post is really helpful. I know I can't achieve the same white platinum hair like yours since I have black pigment hair color. But this surely helps if I ever want to touch up my roots without going to expensive hair salon and get lectured over and over again how I shouldn't keep my hair blonde lol. Is the shampoo also recommended for ash blonde colored hair?


  31. @Misa Lee.. I'm glad it is helpful to you! I would recommend this shampoo to any blonde unless you like the golden or yellow/orange color in your hair (which I think most blondes do not lol).

  32. Hi Dani,
    I have been searching for an easy explanation for platinum blonde and your blog has been very helpful.
    I usually use a box dye and leave it as long as possible and it works fine. Do you think I could ALSO use the toner afterwards to achieve a lighter effect? (I'll definitely be getting the Shimmer Light's Shampoo as well.)

    1. @love2sing Good! I'm so glad this was helpful to you. I would think you would still be able to use toner after any type of hair dye. The toner def. does take the blonde to that white platinum color that everyone desires!

  33. I got mine bleached at a salon but it didn't come out quite as light as I wanted. I was medium brown and it came out blonde, but a very bright yellowish blonde. Anyways its time for the roots to be done and I want to try it out myself. I was wondering since I need to lighten all of it and my roots need touch up, do you think it'd be OK to just bleach it all and then use the toner? Or should I do the roots first, wait about a week and then do all over then toner? I was jut wondering what your opinion would be
    Thanks. Btw, love the hair :-)

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