Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yep. Another Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Review.

Yes. After much restocking of the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay's website, I finally was able to order the palette. I am so glad that I did. Being the neutral loving girl that I am, the first Naked Palette is one of my most used eye shadow palettes that I own. I am sure that I will get as much or more use out of this second palette.

The palette contains a total of 12 Urban Decay eye shadows.The Urban Decay website says that this palette contains 5 exclusive new shades. I am not sure exactly which ones are "exclusively new" because all of them seem to be new to me with the exception of 3 shades.  One of these shades, "Half Baked", is also in the first Naked Palette. I know that the shade "Chopper" is a permanent eye shadow. This color has been featured in other palettes. The color "YDK" is also a permanent shadow. All of the eye shadows contain the expected Urban Decay eye shadow quality: creamy and great color payoff. The exception to this would be the colors "Foxy" and "Tease". These two colors are matte and are a little bit on the chalky side. I love that with this palette they went for more neutral and taupe colors rather than warmer colors. Great for those cool skin toned girls out there. :)

The packaging of this palette is pretty different than the first. The actual palette is in a hard tin-ish case that snaps shut. When you open the palette, on the top lid part, there is a full length mirror that takes up the entire inner lid. 

The extras that come with this palette include a double ended eye shadow brush and a mini lip gloss. I love that they included the double ended brush. One side is for packing color onto the lid. The other side is for blending. This will be very convenient to have if you're planning on taking the palette with you to do your makeup on the go. The Lip Junkie lip gloss in the shade "Naked" is awesome. It claims to "cool and plump" the lips and contains a minty taste. It feels so good on the lips and it's not too minty.

The price of this palette is $50. This is a phenomenal value given that one Urban Decay eye shadow alone costs $17. 
You can do the math.
 I have been using this palette ever since I got it in the mail. I would have to say that my favorite colors are "YDK" and "Pistol". When I was deciding if I wanted to purchase this palette, I was wondering if I needed this palette if I already own the first one. Yes, there are a lot of similar colors. I would say if you love neutral eye shadows and you did get a lot of use out of the first Naked Palette than you might want to consider purchasing this. If you're not a big fan of neutrals or you already own a lot of neutral eye shadows, than I would say skip it. 
If you're still not sure about whether you should purchase this palette or have any questions about it, be sure to leave me a comment. :)

And now for some pics..

Love the name "Booty Call" hahaha Oh Urban Decay.

Double Ended Brush
Lip Junkie Lip Gloss

One of the looks that I did. 
"YDK" on the lid
"Tease" in the crease
"Busted" in the outter V area
"Booty Call" as highlight

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beauty Products from Santa :)

Okay, so not really from Santa but my friends and family must know how much I love beauty products. 

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette 

Katy Perry "Purr" Perfume 

Brittany Spears "Fantasy" Perfume

Pink Sugar Spray (my fav.)

Seche Vite Top Coat

And A Sephora gift card :)

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

December Birchbox

I also received a Jouer bright pink lip gloss but forgot to include it! 

My Christmas inspired nails using the green nail polish I received in last month's Birchbox.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Leopard Booties OOTN

Yet another Shoedazzle purchase!
 I have pretty much fallen in love with this website. They have very fashionable shoes at a price that I can afford. When I saw these leopard booties come up on their website, I knew that they had to be mine.  
 Leopard booties look great paired with dark skinny jeans or black leggings for the winter. It is a great way to add a fun pattern to spice up your outfit.  These shoes also come in all black which looks great with black leggings. 

"Myla" from


They have almost a 6 inch heel and a 1 1/2 inch platform but surprisingly,
 out of all of my heels, they are the easiest to walk in. 


(You can see my cat lurking in the background)
Blazer : Forever 21
Keith Richards Tank :
Jeans: American Eagle
Snakeskin Purse : Was a gift
Shoes: Shoedazzle 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway Winner!

Okay so I had to go old school in picking the winner because I don't know how to use any of the random websites! I had a sheet for everyone who entered as well as 2 extra sheets for those who posted about the giveaway. 

 Mixing up the entries...

The winner is Miranda from Miranda's Makeup and More!
Congrats! :)
I will be e-mailing you.

I want to thank all of those who entered and I wish I could give this prize to everyone because you are all wonderful followers! I appreciate all of your comments so much! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Butter London : Blagger

I want to share with you all one of my new absolute favorite nail polishes: Blagger by Butter London. I normally do not do nail posts because I suck at doing nails but I feel that this is worth sharing. haha. 
I first saw this nail polish recently when I watched That's Heart's Youtube video about her November favorites (click here to watch). She wasn't even wearing it on her nails. I just saw the bottle and it was love at first sight. I picked it up from Ulta as soon as I could. Good thing, because they only had ONE left. And it turns out the only one left had already been swatched on. Poo. 

 I normally would not spend the $14 for the Butter London nail polishes but I loved this color so much. I must say that I am impressed with the formula of this nail polish. I only applied one coat to achieve the opacity of this color. 
I would recommend this color to anyone! It is a great way to have a pop of a beautiful blue added to any black or neutral outfit. Temptalia has an awesome review of this nail polish with a lot of pictures (Click Here to read).

And this is what happens when you have a self tanner fail.
White fingers and tan hands.
LOL Oops...

Any color recommendations from this brand that are worth the $14?

Monday, December 12, 2011

FOTD and Mermaid Hair How To

Hello Ladies. 
One of my good friends let me borrow her 3 barrel curling iron the other day. I have never really used one of these before so I wasn't sure how the crimpy waves would look on me. Let me tell you that I fell in love. She described it as "Mermaid Hair" I feel like it is mermaid/goddess/hippie/princess hair. Fo realz.
This look is more for the spring and summer but that doesn't mean you can't rock it in the winter time too! This would be great for something like a New Year's Eve party if you are looking to do something a little different with your hair. 
Did I mention that it is super easy?

Here is how to achieve this look! 

awkward face..
You will need two things..

1. A 3 barrel curling iron. 
I'm not sure of the exact size of t his one but it was kind of on the small side.
 Larger 3 barrels will obviously create larger waves. 

2. Any type of hair accessory connected to a bobby pin. 
I used a flower but a bow would be really cute. :)

-Take a one to two inch section of hair and place it in the 3 barrel curler towards the scalp
-Leave it in for about 10-20 seconds 
-Move from the head down towards the ends of the hair
-Don't forget to wave the ends of your hair!
-Once the all of the hair is crimped, take your bangs or hair near your face, twist it back and secure it with the bobby pin. 
I did not use any kind of hair products for this look (besides heat protectant). The waves held up really well but if your hair does not hold style very easily I would recommend a heat activated or flexible hold hair spray. 

And there ya go!

I did not have a lot going on makeup wise.
 I really was trying to go for a dramatic blush look using my new Milani blush!

MUFE Matte Velvet Plus Foundation 45
Too Faced Chocolate Soliel Bronzer 
Milani blush in Red Vino

MAC e/s in Cork

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance 
Urban Decay e/s Sidecar on lid and lower lash line 
MAC e/s in Embark in crease
Urban Decay e/s in Sin on tear duct area
Urban Decay e/s in Virgin as brow highlight
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara