Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Beauty Products from Santa :)

Okay, so not really from Santa but my friends and family must know how much I love beauty products. 

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette 

Katy Perry "Purr" Perfume 

Brittany Spears "Fantasy" Perfume

Pink Sugar Spray (my fav.)

Seche Vite Top Coat

And A Sephora gift card :)

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas!


  1. love these perfume bottles ;-)

    lovely gifts

  2. love sephora! looks like you got some great gifts!

  3. oh my god!
    pink sugar smells so good!
    but i have so many perfumes i don't want to keep
    buying haha .. it's the katy perry one good?
    what does it smell like?


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  4. Seche vite is an absolute must have! And I think I may need that naked eye palette >.<

  5. How cool. You got great gifts. :)Love that sephora gift card.

  6. The Too Faced Palette is very pretty!

  7. Fun stuff! The Too Faced palette looks awesome!

  8. I really want that eye palette but havent been able to afford it yet :( have you tried it yet?

  9. Oh wow, nice presents! I don't think I've ever got more compliments on a perfume than with Pink Sugar, it's crazy! At first I thought it would maybe be too heavy for some poeple but no, wow! I'm soooo lusting after Fantasy but I really want to use up some of my perfumes first as I don't want to waste any.

  10. The Toofaced palette is amazing! It's in my December favourites video on youtube, I love it! Lapdance is my favourite shade xx

  11. So much awesome stuff! I was really dying for the TF Natural palette, but now I think I might buy Natural at Night first. Speaking of Too Faced, I remember you saying in a post that you use Chocolate Soleil bronzer.. I've been thinking about picking it up.. could you post some swatches one of these days? Would love to hear your thoughts on it too ;)


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