Wednesday, October 26, 2011

mmm Red Cherries :) .. Lashes that is

I have heard some things hear and there about the brand Red Cherry for false eye lashes. I was also getting sick of my usual lashes. So it was the perfect time to order some! I ordered the Red Cherry False Lashes off of e-bay (Click here to go to the seller page).  This particular seller sells the lashes in either 20, 15, 10, or 5 pair. I bought the 5 pair of lashes for $11.63 (with free shipping) which ends up being around $2.32 a pair. Not bad. Note that these lashes do not come with glue. The false eye lashes that I usually wear are the E.L.F dramatic set of lashes which are priced at only a dollar. I usually only wear these one time before throwing them away.
Red Cherry lashes are natural lashes that are made out of 100% real human hair.  It was really hard to decide what styles to choose becasue the e-bay page does not have pictures so I was constantly having to go from google images back to the seller page. The styles that I ended up picking were 747L, 43, 532, WSP, and 218. Some of them look pretty similar but all of the pairs are unique to the effect they give to the lashes. All together I feel that these lashes look very natural, even the more dramatic ones. They look a lot more natural then the E.L.F lashes since they are made of human hair and they are not as shiny. 
Let me just say that it is really hard to get good up close eye pictures. I tried my best! lol I applaud all of you bloggers who have the amazing up close eye pictures! Kudos. 

I am pretty sure that these are the longest out of the bunch. And boy are they long! 

These ones are pretty similar to the #43 lashes but they do not give a lot of volume all the way to the end of the lashes, or at the base of the lashes. 

This set was my absolute favorite. They gave a lot of volume as well as length. Yet, they looked so natural! 

Look at the VOLUME! 

These were very uniques lashes. I have never tired any lashes that are wispy like this! They gave amazing length but barely any volume. The only volume given is right at the base of the lash line.  I feel that these are more appropriate for daytime looks because they are not that dramatic (even though they look like they are in the up close pic). 

These lashes are the most similar to the E.L.F Dramatic lashes that I have been wearing. They have the same tapered effect and amount of volume and length. 

I had a lot of fun trying out these different styles of lashes since I am used to the same style. Instead of throwing these away right after using, I have been re-wearing them and they are holding up really well. I have worn a couple of them 3 times and they are still lookin' good  =) I am planning on getting more of the #43 and #WSP styles because I liked them so much! 

Just to let everyone know, once I reach my goal of 100 followers I will be doing a giveaway! Woot! So be sure to watch out for that.  

Has anyone else tried this brand of lashes? If so, what styles do you recommend?


  1. hello there hun! just wanted to stop on by say THANKS for your comment on my blog! I appreciate anyone that takes time to leave me a little note!

    I got to say I have only tried Red Cherry's # 138 and they were massive lol I just used them on a post from last week "dare to flare " but seeing the 747L WOW now I want to try!

    You are so pretty and love your blue eyes....
    Blessing hun and hope you visit my blog again!

    ps. new follower for sure!

  2. Fabulous review! I have been thinking about ordering some lashes from red cherry and now I think I will do that for sure! Thanks for your lovely comment on my eye make up. The camera we're using is a Canon Powershot SX200IS but I wouldn't recommend it. Sometimes the flash doesn't work and I have to take a lot of pictures because it most often is out of focus! I'm actually looking for a new one... Stay tuned ;)

  3. Hi Dani,
    thanks for posting all these pictures, if I ever order lashes, here is where I will check out how the Red Cherry ones look like! My favorite ones are #747L and #218!

  4. Loved all the close up photos. These are some great lash choices. Thanks for this post!

  5. Hi, I love your eyelashes. Actually, I love them all:)
    Where do you find? In France they are not: (
    Kisses <3

  6. Seriously, these are the most natural looking lashes I have ever seen! :) You woulda fooled me! Looks great on you.

  7. I've been dyingg to try these! this post makes me want them even more :)

  8. love the lashes! they look great on you =)

  9. These lashes look great on you! They look so natural! ♥

  10. Great post these lashes all look so pretty! I wish I knew how to apply false lashes,I tried once and wow I really suck at it lol

  11. Great review!! I need lashes desperately lol

  12. Ooh I really like all of these, but I think I agree with you, 43 are especially lovely! x

  13. These are great lashes, thanks for the review!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. oh cest vraiment très joli
    moi, j'ai abandonné car je n'ai jamais réussi à les mettre correctement, tu devrais faire une vidéo

  15. Love the eye lashes! I'm definitely going to buy the #218 ones, thanks girl for posting about them ;-)

  16. Those look amazing- I've never heard of this brand, but might have to find out where I could get some to try out! I always use individual clumps for the most natural look possible, but the strips sure are easier to apply! I'm a new follower, check me out if you get a chance, I'm a mommy with a makeup problem...

  17. I love red cherry lashes, I have the 523 ones only, but after seeing these I want the 43 and wsp one's!



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