Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Complete Matte Velvet Plus Foundation Review

Let me first start off by telling you about my skin type since you may not know. I have pretty oily skin with large pores. I am also slightly acne prone. My regular foundation routine consists of a oil reducing primer and a pore refining solution. (Bare Essentials Oil Control Primer and Clinique's Pore Refining Solution) Previous to buying this foundation, I had been using Revlon's Colorstay foundation and Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation. I loved the full coverage of these foundations but I felt that they weren't giving me enough oil control and they did not truely last all day. I read a LOT of reviews on different foundations and Make Up Forever's Matte Velvet Plus seemed to be the one that would suit me the best. I was really bummed to find out that the JC Penny Sephoras do not carry this foundation. Since the closest stand alone Sephora is a good 40 minutes away from me I decided to try my luck at purchasing this online. The cost of this foundation is $34 for 1.01 fl. oz. Not to bad when comparing it to other high end foundations. This foundation comes in a wide variety of shades (16 total).  They are numbered from the lightest shade which is No.15 to the darkest shade, No.90. The shades are then classified by skin undertones (yellow, pink or beige). I really love that they included the beige undertone because some people just do not have mostly pink or yellow undertones ( like me).  Here is the shade that I ended up picking...

 No. 45 - Soft Beige (for medium skin with beige/pink undertones)
No. 45 - Soft Beige
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...And it was a perfect match! Yay! 
I noticed that on the actual bottle it is not labled very good with the shade. I forget where I saw this but someone said that the shade is the last two numbers of the first line on the bottom of the bottle. Not a very smart place to put it if you ask me...

The packaging is excellent! The container is plastic so it will not break if it is dropped. It has a pointed applicator end so you can get just the right amount of the product that you want. 

The first thing that I noticed when using this product was that it has a distinct smell. To me, it smells like baby wipes. This is fine for me since it doesn't smell horrible but if you do not like any smell to your make up than you might not like this. 

I have heard that a lot of people find that this foundation drys very fast so that you have to work fast with it. I, however, do not feel that it does this: not nearly as bad as the Revlon Colorstay foundation. I usually apply it with my E.L.F powder brush and I do not have a problem! A little bit of this product goes a LONG way. It is definatly a full coverage foundation and is buildable from that! It covers up pores, imperfections, and blemishes. The bigger and more red blemishes that the first initial layer does not cover, I dot on a little more of the foundation as a concealer. 

This is oil free and water resistant. Upon using this foundation, you will notice that your skin is instantly matte. It is not a weird looking matte though. It gives a very natural finish to where I do not feel that I need to set it with any powder. (I usually do in my T zone though) This foundation, even though it is full coverage, does not feel like a full coverage foundation. It is super light weight to when wearing this on my face, it feels like I am wearing no foundation at all.

I do feel that this foundation stays true to it's mattifying powers! Using the foundation alone, without a oil control primer, I will only get a slight bit oily a good 7 or 8 hours after applying on an especially humid day. The staying power of Matte Velvet Plus is also amazing. I would consider this a long wear foundation like Estee Lauder's Double Wear. To show you just how long it stays on...
Monday's and Wednesday's are my crazy busy days. I go to school from 12 to 5:30, work out at the gym for an hour, go home and do homework, and then around 10 oclock I go to my boyfriend's house until about 1ish in the morning (now you know every detail of my day haha). This foundation literally lasts this whole entire day without budging. Even after working out and sweating my face will look as good as it did when I went in and is not oily afterwards. 
Can you say amazing?

I can. I have fallen in love with this foundation. I can tell such a difference from using my previous foundations to this one. I feel that it is a high quality foundation for the price you are paying. I recommend this foundation to any one with slightly oily to very oily skin who likes a full coverage foundation. I would not recommend this to those of you who have dry/non oily skin because it may be too drying for you. I also would not recommend this if you do not like certain smells in your make up. 

Overall this gets <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 5 Hearts! haha because I love it so much!


  1. Great review! I still haven't tried this one I love f&b, I want to try this one next, my face isn't oily but I like a matte finish.

  2. great review! if i was into foundation i would so try this ;-)

  3. Awesome and thorough review! I actually own this and you described the foundation quite accurately. Every time I switch to another foundation, I always have the urge to come back to this one. I love it!

  4. great review!!! i haven't tried this one yet since im so inlove with revlon when it comes to foundations...=) but hopefully i could try this one someday...

  5. I've been eyeing this foundation for a while now.. makes me want to buy it!

  6. This is the next foundation I want to try, but I don't know if this is good for dry skin.

  7. I love this foundation, it has a coverage of crazy! I love it, it hides all the imperfections. It is much better than the HD

  8. @Katherine : I really do not know how this will work with dry skin. I would recommend getting a sample to see how you like it before spending your money!
    @Brown Sugar : I have not tried the HD on my face but I have put a small amount on my hand at sephora and it did not seem like it would cover very much!

  9. great review!! i feel like i need to try this one now ;)

  10. MUFE has some of the best foundations and I would have to say Smashbox as well.


  11. Thanks for the review and pictures, I might have to try this!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. Thanks for the great review! I hope one day I can write like you!

  13. How did it compare to estee lauder, did it last longer? and did it transfer or rub off at all?

  14. @liz.. I feel that the Estee Lauder double wear foundation does last longer and has fuller coverage. The MUFE MV+ does not transfer at all and lasts a very long time but not as long as EL. :)


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