Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Classy Date Look From Head to Toe

The Look

Breakin it down..

The Hair
I kept my hair pretty simple by just flat ironing it.
  Tease the crown of the head using a teasing comb.
Take two sections, one from each side of the head, twist them and bobby pin them back. 
This takes more of the focus off of the hair and more on the face. :)
 Finish with a flexible hold hair spray. 

The Makeup

For the eyes
Use a satin shimmery gold color all over the lid
Place a bronze shimmer color on the outer part of the eye lid blending it into the outer V area
Use a neural matte brown eye shadow in the crease 
Use a matte eye shadow a few shades lighter than your skin tone under the brow 
Take the same bronze shimmer color and smudge it on the outer region of the lower lash line
Then take the same shimmery gold color and smudge it on the inner lower lash line towards the tear duct
Apply Mascara and curl your lashes
Apply any tapered false eye lashes 

For the cheeks
Apply a bronze blush on the lower apples of the cheeks, blending towards the hairline 

For the lips
Apply any berry colored lipstick 
A berry colored lipstick is very classy without looking overdone. It is much easier to pull of than a red lip.

Key Colors

The Clothes
For this look, my key piece is the neutral blazer. 
I went with a lighter color blazer in order to not look too dark with my darker lip color.

 A simple cream colored shirt is worn under the blazer. 
To give off more of a casual yet dressy vibe I wore a dark wash pair of jeggings 

The Accessories
A leopard scarf is worn to add interest to the outfit 
(Leopard accessories are a great fall fashion trend!)

I wore simple gold jewelry pieces to add a touch of glamour. 
The spike bracelet gives a bit of edginess to the outfit. 

For my nails I went for a rich darker pink color to add a fun fall color to the outfit. 
(It looks red in the picture but I swear its not! haha)

I wore a darker bag in contrast to the lightness of the blazer and shoes. 
It has a snake skin pattern which adds a new texture to the outfit. 

And for the shoes.. I wore a pair of platform nude/beige colored pumps. 

I wore this look for my boyfriend and I's 3 year anniversary. :)
 I felt that it was very appropriate for the fall weather. It is very comfortable yet dressy and very classy.

Blazer and Pumps- Charlotte Russe
Jeggings- American Eagle
Scarf - Pacsun
Spike Bracelet- Forever 21
Purse- Jessica Simpson from TJ Maxx

I hope everyone has a good Saturday! 


  1. sooooooo cute! love the outfit, scarf pulls it all together ;-)

  2. like your blazer, love your look xxxxx kisss

  3. Happy 3 year anniversary to you and your bf :) The shoes look fantastic <3

  4. Cute outfit, great style. Nice blog! Following!

  5. Love your tattoo! What is it of? :) Happy Anniversary! xo

  6. love the scarf!!!

  7. love the pumps and the blazer! Could you share the brands and where you got them? Overall very cute look! Congrats on your anniversary, too. My bf and I just had our 3 month anniversary Oct. 13 :)

  8. I love this whole look! Perfect date look..Great post! And happy 3 year anniversary :]

  9. Thank you all!! :)
    SMLxO- Thank you! My tattoo on my foot is my first letter of my name and my last name.
    Christy- Congrats to you too and hopefully many more to come! I will edit this post and include the brands.

  10. you look gorgeous!! Love everything from your outfit, hair and makeup :)

    - Sydney xo

  11. LOVE the shoes! And they look so well to your jeans!
    And I want that Urban Decay palette too!!!!
    of course the lipstick wouldn't be bad either!

  12. I loooove this, especially the leopard scarf! I need a jacket like that now!

  13. Wow I love this whole outfit, I cannot believe you got the blazer and pumps at Charlotte Russe...they look expensive. I will have to go to Charlotte Russe soon I haven't been there in a while. I love this outfit so cute.

  14. Pearl McPride- Thank you! It is amazing what you can find at stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21!

  15. Great look! I really like the way you did your hair! Love the pumps too =)

  16. You did a beautiful job on your make-up! I definitely need to go get one of those naked eyeshadow palettes! I also love the outfit, the scarf is beautiful!

  17. Happy Anniversary! I love your outfit!! Beautiful makeup too :)



  18. Love this outfit!
    And congrats on the 3 years =)

    i just celebrated my 2 years <3

    I followed xx

  19. everything looks perfect! the outfit, make-up, hair. so nice! xo

  20. Something I would love to wear!



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