Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last Minute Halloween Costume with Forever 21

This year I have been so busy with school and everything that I haven't even been able to have time to really think about a costume or going to get a costume. But, last minute Halloween plans require a last minute costume! There is nothing that I hate more then buying a cheaply made Halloween costume at a store for 30 to 50 dollars (even the skimpy ones!), that I will  only wear once. So I made a shopping trip to Forever 21 to see what I could find! Apparently feathers and the whole Tribal theme is in so I went with a costume  that would be along the lines of Pocahontas/Native American-ish. I ended up spending around 30 dollars for accessories and a shirt that I will be able to get more use out of. 

Here is what I got...

Leather Studded Bracelet
$ 7.80

Tribal Type Necklace
$ 6.80

Cropped Feather Shirt

The rest of my costume consists of pieces that I already own..

A basic black/gray skirt

Vintage Mocosssins
 (They were my moms back in the day haha)

Feather Earrings from Claires 

some random bracelets..

And here is the costume! 

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! =)


  1. OMG This is so cute Dani!!!! Great idea and Happy Holloween =D

  2. How cool! You look super cute! I always prefer to do my costume myself with stuff I own or inexpensiove stuff - always more original and interesting! I was a Pikachu this year ahah!

  3. Thank you all :)
    Gaby- That is great! I love pikachu!! haha

  4. Hi, thanks for your message & thanks for the link. The trouble is that I can not access it because of the restriction of the countries. It does not matter I will look elsewhere. Kiss my dear:)

  5. très jolie tenue et elle te vas superbement bien

  6. Hi Honey!!! If you Like Fashion, Food and Lifestyle come to visit my blog and if you like it..follow me I will follow you back!!! xoxo

  7. super awesome!!!
    thats a great halloween costume!
    i'm your newest follower! (kind of, i don't know where your follow button is)

  8. That is one seriously cute halloween costume! I'm sure Disney would be proud!

  9. love the earrings! and you kept the theme through every accessory! amazing is the word i'm looking for!

  10. creative and pretty!! you did a good job. xoxo

  11. That looks great!! I love putting my own pieces together to make my Halloween costume.

    New follower! =D

  12. veryyy cute!! i would wear that to the bar!


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