Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Milani Baked Blush: Red Vino

On Cyber Monday, Milani had their entire website 50% off plus free shipping. How great is that? I had been wanting to try their blush because there isn't any place around the area I live that carries it.Their blushes are normally $7.99. With the discount this blush was only $4! After receiving this blush I so wish I would have ordered more. I am thinking I may have to place an order for "Fantastico Mauve" or "Dolce Pink". Just sayin :) haha 
You can check out Milani's blushes by clicking here.

 After looking at a few swatches I decided to choose "Red Vino". It is a wine colored blush with gold veins. This gives a nice rosy cheek with a hint of glow, perfect for the holidays! What I first noticed about this blush, besides the GORGEOUS color, was the color payoff. This blush is so pigmented that you need to be careful in applying too much. When I first applied it, I dipped my brush in the blush 2 times lightly and applied it to my cheek. It really was too much! I had to take some off and blend it so my cheeks did not look awkwardly red. The lasting power of this blush is equally as good. I applied the blush at 1 p.m when I did my makeup. It was as vibrant as when I first applied it when I took my makeup off at 11 p.m. Very awesome considering most blushes only last a few hours. 

Excellent Packaging! 

Red Vino applied to my cheeks. :) 

Does anyone else own any of Milani's Baked Blushes? 
What colors would you recommend?


  1. Great review, I wanted red vino, but I got berry amore and Rose D'oro instead. I have to admit Berry amore is such a flattering color. I thought I would like rose d'oro more, but nope!

    If you want to see the review its here:
    Great review, it looks beautiful on you. :)

  2. girl,
    why in the world did you only order one blush from the sale?!!
    i took advantage & got 10 products, shame on me, i prob shouldnt have, but the sale was so great.
    i also got this blush :)
    i have yet to try it!
    great post<3.

  3. Great color, i love Milani. lovely <3 kisses

  4. so pretty and shimmery, i need to try these out

  5. Love Milani! Its so cheap and colorful.
    You look great - btw


  6. hey dani!

    i thought that was such a dark color at
    the beginning .. but looks good on ya =D
    i've seen these products at Walgreens
    but i never tried them myself

    ♥ melina

  7. OMG Are you kidding me? I've had a Milani baked blush for some times now and I NEVER knew there was a brush hidden down there... LOL!

  8. When I first saw it I was like woah that is way too red for me. But blended out on you looks super beautiful. It gives it that summer ish glow feel like that is at the same time perfect for the fall/winte...I might give it a try :D

  9. It looks great on you!!! You're so cute!!! <3

  10. This shade looks really pretty on you! I have 3 Milani Baked Blushes, one of which happens to be Dolce Pink.. take it from me, you need that blush in your life! These last on me all day.. I love them and wanna try to collect them all (eventually). I really regret missing this sale but I had already hauled way too much by the time Monday rolled around lol.

  11. I had bought two of them but they were to shimmery for my liking at the time, I was really into matte blush, and now I wish I wouldn't have returned want luminoso

  12. LOVE this... how gorgeous is this color.... I must be on the hunt for it now.
    I am so addicted to blush is not even funny LOL
    great post hun .!

    Blessings pretty lady !

  13. i recently did a review on the Milani Baked Blushes too, they're amazing! I haven't tried Red Vino yet, but I probably should. It looks so pretty! xx


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