Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Butter London : Blagger

I want to share with you all one of my new absolute favorite nail polishes: Blagger by Butter London. I normally do not do nail posts because I suck at doing nails but I feel that this is worth sharing. haha. 
I first saw this nail polish recently when I watched That's Heart's Youtube video about her November favorites (click here to watch). She wasn't even wearing it on her nails. I just saw the bottle and it was love at first sight. I picked it up from Ulta as soon as I could. Good thing, because they only had ONE left. And it turns out the only one left had already been swatched on. Poo. 

 I normally would not spend the $14 for the Butter London nail polishes but I loved this color so much. I must say that I am impressed with the formula of this nail polish. I only applied one coat to achieve the opacity of this color. 
I would recommend this color to anyone! It is a great way to have a pop of a beautiful blue added to any black or neutral outfit. Temptalia has an awesome review of this nail polish with a lot of pictures (Click Here to read).

And this is what happens when you have a self tanner fail.
White fingers and tan hands.
LOL Oops...

Any color recommendations from this brand that are worth the $14?


  1. Ahhhhh I love that color!!! is so freaking beautiful! Ive never tried Butter nail polished but ive heard alot of good reviews on them. I just cant get myself to pay 14 for a nail polish when essies are 7 and amazing. I have an Essie nail polish called MESMERIZED 776 that reminds me of this exact color!

  2. i really like the color
    but i dont think i would spend $14
    on a nailpolish ... check out the forever21
    colors =D i really like them!

    by the way your hair looks amazing
    on the previous post!


  3. LOVE this color! Whenever I see an awesome blue that pops like this one I scoop it up. I've been wanting to add a few BL varnishes to my collection.. might have to start with this one! Now I just have to talk myself in to spending $14 on it.. my limit seems to be around $10 and even that's pushing it sometimes!

  4. Love the color.
    by the way, your not alone! I always have tan hands and white fingers.LOL!

  5. Wow love that colour and you got some pretty nails. Wish mine where that elegant!


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