Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Favs!

Wow did November go fast or what? It seems like it was just Halloween. November was a pretty busy month for me. I feel like the whole month I was constantly doing homework or studying for a test. 
 The second to last day of November we got a big snow storm. I think we received about 5 or 6 inches of snow as you can see from my first picture. (ugh.. snow) I am so jealous of those of you who live in warm areas!
Here are a few products I have been using a lot this month.

Loreal Eversleek Sulfate Free Shampoo
Lately I have been trying to use products that will keep my hair healthier because it is super damaged. Most shampoos contain silicone which gives hair it's shiny appearance. But, this only coats the hair and actually causes drying of the hair. Most shampoos also contain sulfates. These are used to give shampoo the foaming action. These chemicals can be irritating to the skin on the scalp. This shampoo is silicone and sulfate free. It is 100% Vegan.  It also smells amazing!

St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser
I bought this face wash to help with breakouts that I had been having. I feel that this prevents breakouts rather than reducing the ones I already had. It did not reduce the breakouts really but it did reduce the redness of them and other areas of red on my skin. It left my skin feeling super clean and soft. 

Caress Endless Kiss Body Wash
I always use the Caress body washes when in the shower. I spotted this new scent and I must say it smells amazing! It smells like "creamy vanilla and sandalwood". mmm :)

Rite Aid Oil Free Cleansing Towelettes 
I think that this brand is compared to Garnier Fructis cleansing towelettes. I use these to take off my makeup before cleansing my face and before or after I work out or tan. They work really well and take off ALL of my makeup. They were pretty inexpensive as well!

MAC Constructivist Paint Pot
I have literally been wearing this almost every single day. This color goes so well with people who have cool based skin tones (like me). It is so easy to apply and pigmented that I just sweep some on my lids and blend a little and I am good to go!

NARS blush in Angelika
I just love this. I have also been wearing this everyday. This plus Constructivist have pretty much been my makeup for the month of November. 

Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance
I have been using this for a few months now but I thought that I would include it. After using this primer, I will never go back to the Urban Decay Primer Potion. This is hands down my favorite eye shadow primer. 


  1. nice faves!!! i love too faced shadow insurance

  2. nice reviews love!

    i am definitely trying the shampoo
    i am was looking for one that wouldn't
    damage my hair because i was using John
    Frieda the one for highlights and it totally
    dried out my scalp :( now i am using the
    Fructis Garnier shampoo dry scalp to fix that
    once its back to normal ill try your shampoo love!



  3. oh a new caress! yay. I love when they come out with new scents. I love their line. Where did you find yours? i havent seen it here yet.

  4. St. Ives is one of my favorite brands!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  5. Great favs :)
    I want Constructivist <3

  6. great faves girly!
    i have been wanting to try NARS
    foreverrrrr. :)
    great post!

  7. In love with Nars blush
    great choices for this month

    - Sydney xo

  8. i LOVE Caress body wash too! smells so good and super affordable!

  9. Great Favs!! I have the green tea face cleanser and really like it too!

  10. I live in the desert (Vegas), but don't be TOO jealous.. the summers here are straight up brutal. I kind of miss living where it snows, but I'm just thinking about the cool parts and not the driving to work, shovelling driveways, freezing my ass off parts lol.

    TFSI has recently become my primer of choice over UDPP because the consistency is thinner.. once my Primer Potions are finished I might not repurchase and just stick with Too Faced.. I love it THAT much! ;)

  11. I love NARS blushers. They are always so soft and pigmented. Great blog btw!



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