Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Haul

This year's Black Friday was def. a success! My friend and I went shopping from 9 p.m Thanksgiving until 7 a.m on Friday. We went to 2 different malls as well as Target. There were just soooo many good deals going on that it was hard to choose what to get! Most of the items that I purchased are Christmas presents for friends and I got a few items for myself. :)

Victoria's Secret was one of the main places that we wanted to go. They had all of their perfumes on sale for $25. They also had yoga pants for $25. If you spent $65 they gave you a free tote with beauty items included in it. We actually waited in line for three hours in order to get their yoga pants and free tote. Once they opened the door it was so crazy. Everyone was pushing and I had to fight my way to get some yoga pants! 
I succeeded. 
I got the perfume "Incredible". This is one of my favorite scents from Victoria's Secret. Most of their perfumes are pretty strong and overpowering. This is soft, subtle, and smells amazing. I purchased a couple of more perfumes but did not include them because they are presents. 

The free tote.

It included 
a sample of their Angel perfume, 
Sheer Love body lotion, 
Bombshell Body Mist, 
and a sample of their face primer.

A pair of yoga pants.

Aerie and American Eagle both were 40% off the entire store. 
From Aerie I bought a pair of gray leggings and a gray scarf. 
This scarf is so warm and big. I love it! 

From American Eagle I purchased a feather necklace for one of my friends for Christmas.

Sephora really did not have any sales going besides select items being $10. I purchased this 3 pack of The Body Shop products from Sephora as another Christmas present. 
JC Penny had Macadamia products at 20% off. I picked up a packet of their deep repair mask. I have never tried this product but I have heard really good things about it. I really hope that it does good for my dried out and damaged hair. 
And of course I had to get some hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works. I like to give these out along with people's presents.
 Who doesn't need hand sanitizer? haha

I am so happy with all of my purchases and happy to have gotten most of my Christmas shopping done already.

I cannot wait to see what everyone else purchased on Black Friday! 


  1. lovely items you picked up ;-)

  2. That's a nice freebie offer from VS! And that feather necklace looks gorgeous!

  3. Oh my that gray scarf from Aerie is so effing adorable!!! want it! Im such a sucker for big scarfs! def become my new addiction lately. love this all girl.

  4. ahh i love hauls!! vs pink is sooo comfy! love the b&bw hand sanitizers, I stocked up this season!


  5. You found such great stuff!!!Love your blog!
    Now following!

  6. how cute that feather necklace was!
    and shame on us, we shopped nada on the black friday, and now we kind of regretting it when watching all your hauls....

  7. I love all of your new purchases you did so well!
    Huge fan of everything Victoria's Secret so all of the products are amazingg

    - Sydney xo

  8. You're brave to go out and fight the crowds.. I wasn't having it this year! I parked my butt in front of my computer and handled Christmas shopping that way (most of it). You got some great stuff though!

    Would love to read your thoughts on the repair masque.. I'm always looking for products to help my bleached hair.

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  10. Awesome girl. <3 Mine is almost done too.

  11. :) YAY! i love VS ..
    i got the free tote too
    ill post my purchases soon
    =D we bought like 5 perfumes
    with my sister ... since they were
    like what 25 bucks!? cheappp


  12. You got some great things!! I wanted that bag but they were out :/ Didn't know I wasn't following you!! Sorry love!! Great bloggggg :)

    xo Jenn

  13. Hey girl,

    Check your email as soon as you can. I need some extra info for the secret santa match!


  14. AMAZING haul girly!
    I didn't do much Black Friday shopping
    because I didn't want to wait in line. lol.

  15. Love your purchases!

    P.S. I tagged you in a blogpost! You Should check it out on my blog(:

  16. fabulous finds! I love everything from VS

  17. Love everything!!! <3


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