Monday, November 21, 2011

1st Shoedazzle Purchase

Wow. Where have I been? 
It seems like I have not posted in forever! Well, all of my teachers decided to schedule tests right before Thanksgiving. 
So.. I have been doing nothing but studying. Very fun
Anyways, I had been wanting to try the Shoedazzle website for some time now since I signed up. I finally gave in due to their "20% off your first order" deal and my need/obsession for buying boots.

For those of you who do not know, Shoedazzle is a shoe, handbag, and jewelry monthly subscription website started by Kim Kardashian. It is free to sign up. Upon signing up, you are given a type of "style quiz" to determine what kind of style of shoes, handbags, and jewelry you will like.  Each month you are given a new showroom with the choices of shoes and etc. that their stylist have chosen for you. 

Like so..

It does not cost anything until you make your first purchase. After that you will be charged $39.95 monthly unless you choose to skip within the first 5 days of that month (kind of sucks when you forget about it). There is free shipping both ways so it is not really a problem if you  purchase a shoe, receive it, and end up hating it. 

For my first purchase I wanted to go with a boot that I would get a lot of wear out of and that would be good for fall/winter. 

I am so happy that I chose this pair because they are perfect! This boot hits me pretty much at my knee or a little above it. The boot itself is wide enough that I can have a choice of wearing skinny jeans or regular flare jeans without them looking awkward. They are also super comfortable. I would rate the quality of these boots at the same quality you would receive from Charlotte Russe or Forever 21 boots. But that is fine with me. 

I ended up forgetting to skip the next month and got charged. So I picked out these pair of flats with studs on the front and the back. I absolutely love the studs but I ended up returning them because I am not a huge fan of flats on me and they felt like they would probably give me blisters. :(

Has anyone else purchased shoes from Shoedazzle?


  1. I want boots like that...and for 40? thats a pretty good deal. I also been looking for spiked shoes. flats or heels it dont matter, and this one are just way too cute. I am fine with F21 shoe quality..I never purchased anything because I know I will forget to skip the month!

    Do you get an email reminding you you have to chose your shoe of the month?

  2. No!!! I want to though. You've just inspired me to. <3

    Id love for you to check out my blogging secret santa and participate.


    PS- Follow and let me know Ill follow back

  3. i love black and studs
    so the flats definitely my style!

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  4. They have some wicked boots but I'm always afraid to order shoes online in case they won't fit because my sizing changes from one shoe to another x=

  5. yay! they look cute on you! i have been buying from shoe dazzle and they have super cute shoes!

  6. Those are the lita flats I want!!! but their sold out right now =[

    anywho, made my first shoedazzle purchase not too long ago, still waiting for it in the mail. I heard some of the heels run big so I'm hoping I won't have that issue. Love your boots, the color is perfect for Fall!


  7. obsessed. I've yet to dive into the shoe dazzle pool, but you may have just sold me. fabulous. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a new fash trend report. Love to hear what you think. xo

  8. love the studded flats so fricken cute!!

    - Sydney xo

  9. They're both really cute!!! <3

  10. I have been with shoedazzle awhile now..even debated those boots but chose not too. They look great on you!


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