Monday, March 26, 2012

March Glam Bag

Ok, so I just realized that it is almost April and I haven't shared my March Glam Bag! 
So sorry about the lack of posting. School and everything else is keeping me SO busy. But I will be posting a "How to Achieve Platinum Blonde Hair" very soon as requested by one of my followers. :) 

What did you receive this month?


  1. You got some great stuff! I wish glam bags were shipped to Canada :(

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. Cute bag. I haven't signed up yet. :( Still thinking of you and praying for you hun. :)

  3. Great post! I love seeing your new glam bags every month!
    I live in Canada so we don't have them but I recently signed up for a canadian version so I'll post what I get every month!

    xxx Jessica

    1. Thank you girl! That is exciting. :) I hope you get some good stuff.

  4. Myglam looks like fun! The pink packaging is like..amazing! I miss your posts. Can't wait to see more<333333

  5. Wow really cool glam bag.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Like your blog.
    I'm following you now.
    Please check out my blog.
    Hope you follow me back.
    I would be very glad.

    Lovely greetz from germany.

    Ina :*

  6. I love the brush!:)
    I`m following you from now on!:)


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