Thursday, March 15, 2012

Recent MAC Lipsticks

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who left me a comment on my last post. You are all amazing. Thank you all for your encouragement, sympathy, and prayers. It really means a lot. I also want to give a special thank you to my girl at Life size Barbie for her beautiful post that made my day. :) Thank you.  

I have purchased a few new MAC lipsticks this past month that I would like to share with you all. Two of them, "Watch Me Simmer" and "Innocence Beware", are from the SHOP MAC collection that came out this past February. All of the lipsticks in this collection sold out SO fast! I literally stalked the website every day to see when they were going to restock. It took them a while and I randomly checked one morning and they were back in! 
The other lipstick I purchased was "Viva Glam Nicki". Which I am sure all of you have heard much about. :)

MAC Watch Me Simmer 
"Watch Me Simmer" is the lipstick from the Shop Mac collection that I was most excited about. I kept looking at pictures of swatches on other blogs and became obsessed with it. I was kind of apprehensive about buying it online before trying it out on myself before hand. But it turns out.. I LOVE this color. It is a very flattering bright coral pink with an amplified finish. I feel like this bright color is more flattering on me than any other bright lipstick that I own. If they restock these lipsticks I would recommend that you snatch this one up! 

MAC Viva Glam Nicki
"Viva Glam Nicki" is a bright yellow toned pink with a satin finish. I had heard a lot about this lipstick before I went to my MAC counter to try it on. When I first put it on I was like "wow, this is way too bright for me". But, after pairing it with a lip pencil and lip gloss on top, it toned the color down a little without loosing the fun bright color.

MAC Innocence Beware! 
"Innocence Beware!" is a pink nude with a cremesheen finish. I really hadn't planned on purchasing this lipstick before hand so it was more of an impulse buy when I saw that the lipsticks were back in stock. Since I am a nude lipstick kind of person, I knew that I would most likely love this color and I do! The formula of this lipstick is smooth and moisturizing. It does not give a great amount of color when first applied, but it is buildable. I love it for every day wear. 

"Viva Glam Nicki" is still available on the MAC website and in stores for $14.50. All of the money from this purchase goes to the MAC AIDS fund. 
The other two lipsticks are currently sold out on the MAC website. I do not know if they will be restocking them. :(

What lipsticks have you purchased for Spring?


  1. innocence beware is my favourite everrrrrr MAC lippie! I had to buy back ups from this collection because i never ever wanna run out :) great haul!

  2. viva glam nicki looks so lovely! definitely suits you xx
    my blog: boho vanity

  3. Innocent bewear looks lovely on you :)

    Shannen Xx

  4. I have the Viva Glam Nicki and it's my fav, Innocence Beware is also a really nice colour :)

  5. These are all so pretty! Watch Me Simmer looks great on you!

  6. You look so good girl! Your so welcome for the post. I really like all these shades on you. Especially, Viva Glam Nicki. I almost want to get it, I really want to get MACs lipstick is 'myth' though :) Everyone i've seen it on it looks so nude and complimenting.
    Your hair also looks great semi curled like that, did you use the Remington wand? xoxo

    1. Thank you! Yep I used the curling wand. I just curl my extensions kind of tightly and just keep wearing them until the curls fall out so they are more of waves. :)

  7. hello, I fell for the same lipstick <3 kisses

  8. You got Innocence Beware! It looks absolutely stunning and amazing for everyday wear!

  9. I really wanted watch me shimmer! & all the other mac shop lipsticks :( . at least i got vg nicki which is such a different color! Took some time to get used to but i love it.


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