Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feeling Superb.

If you haven't heard of the new (er) MAC collection In Extra Dimension, then I am sure you have most likely heard about a specific product from the collection. This line introduced Extra Dimension Highlighters which are described as follows:

A liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights, and models the face. The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish. Wears 10 hours. 

I really wasn't planning on buying anything from any of the new MAC collections. I happened to see the shade Superb on a haul and I decided to check and see if it was in stock on the Mac website "just for the hell of it". To my surprise, it was in stock and I totally impulse bought it. 

This highlighter is perfect to add to my growing collection of highlighters. It is a gorgeous champagne frosty highlight. Because champagne is a color that goes great with many skin tones, I knew it would look good. I have been wearing this as either a highlighter for my cheek bones or to add a little luminous glow to the apples of my cheeks. 

These Extra Dimension highlighters retail for $29.00. I know that Superb has been going in and out of being sold out. If you do happen to stumble onto the website, I would recommend checking Superb and the other shades out. :)

Did you purchase anything from this collection?


  1. It looks so amazing on you! Definitely worth the impulse buy :)

  2. looks gorgeous on you!

  3. Dani!!!! You lucky girl, I wanted Superb badly. Looks pretty on you! I got Whisper of Guilt! Love the sheen...having trouble finding a brush to apply it nicely.

    1. Idk how I do it, but I always have good luck with getting on the MAC website at the right time!
      I have tried applying this with different brushes too and I found that only one of them that I own applies it nicely. I use my finger also.

  4. love the extra dimension line! to wish it was permanent since i only grabbed an eyeshadow :/

    Jordan xx
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  5. Noww it's my favourite highlighter, i love it <3

  6. OMG $29?! Well I guess it will last you a lifetime anyway! I barely use highlighters but I love the design of this one x

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  7. Ah, im so jealous you got this! Ive been eyeballing this collection for so long. I always swatched this but thought way to much about how it resembled my mineralized skinfinish that I have. The packaging is amazing

    and reppin sublime :) loveit<3

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      if you dont, get one and follow me girl <3 thelifesizebarbie

  8. Seems to do great job!
    I want to buy it!!
    Nice post!

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  10. This is my new love! Give the most perfect glow ever!

  11. I love the color of this blush. & your hair extensions look great ❤❤

  12. This is an amazing product ! I need something like this too plus I love M.A.C :)

    -Sydney xo

  13. For some reason the product design annoys me, but it looks SO pretty on you! I might have to pick this one up - that's an amazing highlight you have going on!

  14. Great post!!! I looks super good on you!!


  15. this looks amazing on you but i think i am too pale for it!
    your blog is lovely, too.
    followed <3

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