Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Porcelain Lipsticks by Colorsensational!

Hi Beauties! 
Making my rounds at Rite Aid, I spotted a new collection from Maybelline called Colorsensational Porcelains. Since I am a sucker for nude lipsticks, I picked up a couple of the lipsticks from this collection. The two that I chose were Smooth Taupe which is an icy light nude and Nude Nuances which is an icy pink nude. The color Nude Nuances is thought to be a dupe for MAC's Hue lipstick. Looking at comparison swatches, they seem to be very similar! 
Looking at the bottom of the lipsticks' color guide in the store, I thought these lipsticks would be a little bit darker than what they are on the lips. Smooth Taupe looks kind of ridiculous on me with my tan skin. I tried it on and showed my boy friend and he told me that it looked like I had just gotten done eating powdered donuts. Not a good look...
Nude Nuances, on me, looks a little bit better. It is still pretty light but it doesn't look super awkwardly light. What I have been doing with these lipsticks, is using them to tone down my brighter pink and coral lipsticks. Like all of the other Maybelline lipsticks, they have a great moisturizing formula and color payoff. I wish two colors were a little darker for my complexion right now, but I know these colors would be great for those of you who are lighter skinned! This collection, I have heard, has been hard to find. I was able to find it at my local Rite Aid but I did not see it at Ulta, Wal Mart, or Walgreens. The price of these lipsticks are around $7.49. 

Smooth Taupe AKA Powdered Donut Lips

 Nude Nuances 

Nude Nuances with MAC's Watch Me Simmer applied lightly on top

Have you picked up anything from this collection?


  1. Love this post! I have been reading your blog for awhile now. I laughed out loud at the powdered donut comment. I have smooth taupe too and it looks like that when I am really tan but works when I'm fair. Still on the hunt for the perfect nude! Have you tried NYX Round Lipsticks in Circe?? BTW, Thanks for following :)

    1. Thanks girl! And, I am about to go look up swatches of Circe right now. :)

  2. wow these look really pretty. I def need to check them out.

  3. They look like pretty colors, but I agree, a bit light for tanned skin. I haven't picked anything up from this collection.

  4. Hope to ge my own! :)

  5. I hate when a lipstick looks like a gorgeous nude in the tube but turns out to be too pale ): It's a good trick to use those lipsticks to tone down brighter ones though!

    BTW, did you know you could easily switch rom captchas to comment moderation? Easier for your readers (:

  6. They look a little too frosty to me, which is sad because in the tube it looks so pretty!

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  7. I love these shades actually! Great blog and such an interesting post! I was wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)

    Also, there's a chiffon tangerine dress giveaway at my blog, it's so stylish, I think it would suit you perfectly!

    Let me know,
    Mary xo

  8. Hi hun. I just nominated you for a blog award


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