Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Two Favorite Ladies: The Balm's Betty-Lou and Mary-Lou (Manizer)

Many know about these beloved highlighter/shimmer/eye shadow powders from The Balm. These two have quickly become two of my favorite pieces in my makeup collection. As of lately, Betty has been making more of an appearance on my face because of the darker shade of my skin these summer months. The quality of these powders is awesome with both being buttery smooth and very pigmented. They have multiple purposes such as a highlighter, bronzer, and even an eyeshadow. My favorite way to use them is to give my cheeks a healthy glow. These powders retail for $24 on the Balm's website, however, they often are featured on the discount website Hautelook where I think I paid $12 each for them. 

Click here to check out Betty-Lou on the Balm's website. 

Click here to check out Mary-Lou on the Balm's website.

What is your favorite product from the Balm?


  1. I love the bahamma momma bronzer :) love the post!

  2. I've actually never tried anything from The Balm but Mary-Lou looks like something I'd love!

  3. I so badly want to try there highlighter I always see online how great it is. Great post!

  4. I absolutely love Mary Lou, it was one of the first products I ever bought from the Balm and I use it more than any other highlighter I own!

  5. They look fantastic

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