Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forever 21 Haul!

Yesterday I went to two different malls and two different Forever 21's looking for a certain lace cropped top. I did not find it :( , but here are some other things that I picked up...
From left to right..
Silver/black sunglasses necklace $1.50
Silver Arrowhead earrings $3.80
Gold Stud Bracelet $6.80
Gold Hippie Guitar necklace $1.50

Leopard Head Wrap $3.80
Lace Knit Top $11.50
A pic of the leopard headband on! I love it !!! haha
All of these items that I picked up are in the store right now and online!

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  1. Love all the stuff you got, sucks you couldn't find the top you were looking for :(


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