Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringin' in the New Year with a Glitter Smokey Eye.

Hello Ladies! 
I hope that everyone had a fabulous New Years Eve. Now we have made our way to 2012. "Supposedly" the  year that the world is going to end. haha. So I guess lets live 2012 like it's our last!
Yesterday, I decided to be a little adventurous and wear a silver, glittery, black smokey eye. I love the way it ended up turning out, not so much how the pictures turned out though. :( The lighting wasn't the greatest due to this gloomy Michigan weather. 
Is it almost summer yet? lol.

I know it is a little too late to try this look out for New Year's Eve, but this is also a great eye makeup look for a night out to a concert, club, etc. :)


To achieve this eye makeup..
I first applied my Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance.
I then applied a matte white color under my eye brow. 
I used the MAC's eye shadows Cork and Swiss chocolate in and above my crease.
I used Urban Decay's Blackout from the Naked Palette 2 on my outter V area and blended into the crease.
I also took this black and ran it along my lower lash line. 
I took Urban Decay's YDK (also from Naked 2) and applied it to the inner corner of my eye.
As the base color on my lid, I used MAC's Electra. 
The glitter that I used is a Mary Kate and Ashley loose silver glitter that I had from back in the day. 
To apply this and make it stick, I sprayed my Make Up Forever Mist and Fix on the back of my hand.
I dipped a synthetic concealer brush in the liquid and then dipped that brush into the glitter and applied it to my lid.
I kept doing this and packing the glitter on until I reached the desired amount of glitter.
I lined my upper lash line with Sephora's waterproof smokey cream liner in black.
Applied Mascara.
I then applied Red Cherry false lashes in #43. 
After applying the false lashes, I went over my lash line again with the cream liner.

For the rest of the face..
For blush I used Tarte's Exposed.
I then contoured a little using Benefit's Hoola bronzer.
I added a bit of highlight on my cheek bones and bridge of my nose using Benefit's High Beam.
I kept my lips nude using Bare Mineral's Cream Puff lipstick. 

Here is one picture taken from last night.
Me and my non-related twin!


  1. Gorgeous!!!! Happy New Year!!!! <3

  2. lovely makeup look

  3. Love the makeup! Looks like you had a great night! And are you sure that isn't your twin?!

  4. Everything about this look is beautiful! Great job!

  5. So pretty!!! I love the glitter

    xo Jenn

  6. Love your makeup&hair! Very pretty :)

  7. I wish you all the best in 2012!
    Ur such a beautiful lady!

    I love the naked palette 2 review!

  8. that is so pretty, I love new year's because people come up with great ideas for makeup!


  9. beautiful!! i love your makeup!! you and your "twin" look gorg!! Happy New Year :))

  10. Wow this is just so pretty! Love the glitter and the lashes. Your hair looks amazing and I really like how you dyed it a bit darker in the bottom! Hope you had a perfect NYE

  11. oh my!
    i love your make up love!
    really cute .. and haha that's
    funny you guys really do look alike!

    Melina ♥

  12. ahh glitter smokey eye is amazing!!!!!! you can never have too much glitter on nye

    xo Jackie

  13. You look soo glam! Love this look on you!

  14. Dani, you look great! I love your eyeshadow & your hair looks amazing : )


  15. Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments! I wish I could have gotten better pictures of the eye makeup to show you. :/

  16. It looks great : ) I love your blog I'm a new follower!


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