Thursday, September 8, 2011

Clothing Haul!

So apparently I have been doing a lot of shopping lately haha! Here are some things that I picked up for the fall!

Feather Earrings $8.00 at Claire's 

Leather Tote $24.50 at TJ Maxx (originally $50!)

Button Up Cardigan $14.50 at Forever 21

Trench Coat $32.80 at Forever 21 
(I got this for $21 for their Yellow Tag Sale)

Leopard Print Scarf $15.00 at Pacsun

Blush Colored Sweater $24.95 at H&M

Nirvana Crop Tee $17.80 at Forever 21

 Sorry for the some of the clothes being so wrinkly! They have been in the bags for a few days. All of these should be available in stores and online except for the TJ Maxx tote.


  1. cute clothes! love the coat and scarf, great ear rings as well!


  2. Awesome haul! I love to shop at Forever 21 and Claire's, and I really like the things you got from there, especially the feather earrings! :)


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